Becka Thompson

Ward 4, Minneapolis City Council.

Let us not be defined by where we've been,

but become inspired by where we are going.

Becka Thompson, a Minneapolis native, is a longtime Ward 4 neighbor. Her 12 year old son enjoys walks to the Victory flagpole with his grandparents who live just across the parkway.

Becka has her MBA, MAE in Mathematics and is a longtime professional artist, poet and performer. A lifetime teacher, she has enjoyed working at PYC on Broadway and Oliver in Ward 5 the last few years. 

She is running for Ward 4 to help the children of the city. Children deserve to be protected, cherished and seen. This means to live in a community where their environment is clean, their streets and parks are safe and their families live with confidence that their neighbors are connected in the interest of all. 


Being the manager at Webber Pool was one of the most rewarding things I have ever gotten to do. The loss of community from the shuttering of our neighborhood pools is something that cannot be understated. 

The 'learn to swim' program taught a generation of young north siders how to swim and it was always affordable through the city and the parks department. The loss of these pools at North Commons and Rossacker (now both water parks) is a huge detriment to the city. We can thank our former Council president for assuring we didn't lose Webber, and thank the family that, generations ago, donated the land so that children of the city could learn to swim.

As your city council representative, I would fight to bring that back. 



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